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We have been certified in Postural Restoration since 2005. Postural Restoration acknowledges that we all have asymmetrical tendencies that will affect how we sit, stand, walk, run, squat, push, pull etc.


These asymmetries can:

  • Load your joints unevenly causing excessive wear and tear

  • Force your muscles to work in positions that are inefficient which increases the risk of overuse

  • Affect how you breathe due to twisting and sidebending of your ribcage

  • Affect various other systems including the neurological and circulatory system due to nerves or blood vessels being compressed by bones or muscles that are functioning in a twisted position.

What is Postural Restoration?

In treatment, Postural Restoration uses exercises and manual techniques that encourage you to use both sides of your body symmetrically. We work to bring your skeletal system into alignment, balance your muscle activity and restore your ability to breathe symmetrically.


You will be given exercises to do at home to improve alignment so that you can make yourself feel better. Initially the exercises will teach you to be balanced/aligned at rest - people often comment that these exercises make them feel like they have just had a massage. Once you are balanced at rest, the exercises will become gradually more complex in order to teach you to stand, walk, squat, reach, push and pull symmetrically.


The final phase is to learn to use your newfound balance of strength and range of motion within YOUR most challenging movement patterns. For some, this might be learning to run or pedal a bike symmetrically, or learning to cut while dribbling a soccer ball, or learning to turn equally well in both directions when skiing.


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"Olly has been a highly responsive, professional and easy person to work with. He has done an excellent job assessing the issues I have been experiencing and designing a treatment plan. He also listens to my concerns and explains the reasoning behind the treatments chosen."



"I have had wonderful experiences every time I've been to Inspire! First and foremost, the staff is personable and professional. By following their advice, I have not only gotten back to my normal activities quickly, but I have completed several long distance running races that I thought wouldn't be possible."




"I can't begin to the express how grateful I am for the excellent care I've received there. Your compassion, patience and ability to diagnose and treat my physical condition are amazing and limitless. I can't count the times I've walked in with severe pain and left with almost total relief. You inspire me to keep exercising and walking. Thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do for me!"